We have 2 packages available at this time.

The first will include my classic scripts designed to run with DiceBot.

This entails:

The Recovery Script

The Smart Script


The Big Money Script

Each script comes ready to go, with additional instructions on

set-up, use, and suggested amounts for available bank role.

You will also get access to my Telegram, where I give away

beta scripts and am available to answer any questions.

You receive all of this, for a one time fee of $25


The second package is insider information.

It comes from players that have broken the bank on Yolodice,

Ethercrash, Bustabit, 999Dice and more.

This information not only includes the behind the scene information

gambling sites DO NOT want you to have, but it also comes with a betting

system to help beat them at their own game.

You can start with $5 or $500,000. The system breaks down

what percentages to bet and when.

It also goes into detail about the dirty little secret behind

so-called hash verified rolls.

Do you want to know why you always seems to bust, at just the perfect time?

Are you curious how you can bust, when the odds are set at 95% plus at times?

Do you want to know why your win streak did not last as long as before?

The 2nd package answers these questions and presents you with a betting

system designed to beat the house at their own crooked game.

This includes betting systems for ALL Dice Roll sites, as well as BustaBit and EtherCrash.

Additionally, the 2nd package comes with every Script for DiceBot from the 1st package, as well and my Telegram info should you have any questions.

The 2nd package and the extras, cost $95.

Comes with everything you will need.