The Best DiceBot Scripts are Here

Whether you want to RECOVER YOUR FUNDS, make a PASSIVE INCOME or go for BIG MONEY, the scripts to do it are here.

These scripts were created, tested and refined over several months, by 100’s of people lucky enough to have Beta access.

Proof of them in action can be found in the YouTube links.

The scripts work with over 20 Different Dice Gambling Sites...

...Including BetKing, Prime Dice, Stake and more.

Start with just $5 down, and in 30 days you could be making $100's daily.

You will make money with these bots.

Each Script comes with:

  • The Dicebot Software
  • The Script itself
  • Instructions on how to use the script as well as Recommendations.
  • YouTube links to show you how to use the script
  • 24/7 Support
  • All Scripts have been updated for 2019


Recover your Funds or Make new Money.

Slow and steady, but gets the job done.


Bets the ideal amount. Every Bet

Between $400-$600 made daily.

Runs for hours.

Auto Withdraw function on select sites.


Go BIG or go home. If you want to risk it all to win BIG, then this is the script for you. Win hard and fast. Recommending a starting balance of at least $20.